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Transportation, the origins of green packaging

The starting point of this article is a quote by Plato:

‘Necessity is the mother of inventions’

Do you all know the Pantheon in Rome? Don’t worry this is not going to be an architecture or art history lesson. During the Imperial era, Roman emperors loved to collect Egyptian objects, in fact the perimeter columns you can see in the photo are made of a dark marble that can only be found in Egypt. Think that the weight of each column is approximately 600 tons. As you can imagine, the transport took place by sea and special boats called ‘navi onerarie’ were built and were able to sail the sea and support this incredible weight. However, the problem they had to face was the oscillation of the columns during navigation. Inventiveness and necessity led to the use of the first green transport packaging, lentils! The small legume allowed to protect and wrap up the column safeguarding them from movement. Obviously, once they reached their destination, the legume was used as food.

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