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Are we all designers?

When we think of a designer we believe we are dealing with a creative, visionary person; somebody who creates shapes from nothing and gives meaning to everything he imagines, creating real things such as a lamp, a piece of furniture, a dress, etc. A designer doesn’t draw, the designer is the one who designs. Design raises theoretical questions which aim to solve practical problems.

Trying to answer the question in the title of this article, I’ll tell you this story ….

Mr. Fry, a chemical engineer who worked at “3M” an American multinational company, as a hobby sang in the choir of his hometown church. Fry had a problem with finding songs in his book quickly. To locate them he used as a bookmark some simple sheets of paper which however often fell out of the book. Some of his companions had found a way folding the edge of the page but for him it was an outrage to his songbook. He decided to solve this problem by remembering the research his colleague Silver was doing at the 3M company, a glue that could be reused without leaving any marks on the surface. Certainly white color did not facilitate the search of the page and moreover it could not be too large as it would be invasive, nor too small becoming difficult to find.Thanks to the collaboration with other professionals, the famous yellow fluo post-it was born, a product that did not exist on the market up to then and which today has become an indispensable help.

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