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Lighting designer, why hire a professional

More and more often in the planning of our homes we find ourselves having to solve the strategic solution of light, we find thousands of products online that can be used. But let’s take a step back.

Who is a lighting designer and what services does he offer?

A lighting designer is a professional who has the responsibility of coordinating the lighting project and enhance the space it will illuminate.

Using tools such as photometric calculation and 3D rendering he is able to select and position the lights in an accurate and functional way, guaranteeing in advance what will happen and above all why it will happen. He will work closely with your electrician and will find the technical, aesthetic and functional solutions to enhance every environment according to your needs.

‘Space doesn’t exist without light’

Usually behind the decision to buy a lamp online or in a shop, there is a block due to specific terminologies and technical data that we do not know and we only dwell in our comfort zone, the aesthetic part of the product; It happens, much more often than you might think. As you can see, using a lighting designer is an opportunity both from an economical point of view, it helps to accompany people along the way and from a functional point of view, creating an opportunity for contact and discussion.

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