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The Torino-Venezia table lamp was born from the collaboration with the interior designer Francesca Grua, and takes its name from the cities between which it acts as a bridge: Turin and Venice, two cities united by an invisible thread. The round shape of the lamp resumes the “circular” movement of cultural exchange that led to its realisation. The result is a pop and retro piece of furniture perfect for the living space, capable to infuse interiors with style and personality.
Torino – Venezia has two functions: empty pockets on one side and light source on the other. A magnetic element makes the light move along the circular metal structure. The base and finishes are made of marble, entirely by hand.
It can be purchased in original or in a custom version.
Peso: net Kg 7 gross Kg 9
Box: vol 0,16 n.1
Materiale: Marmo, vetro, metallo